The purpose of UP is to develop and upskill the independent performing arts throughout Denmark. We define the free and independent performing arts as individuals, collectives and companies who work professionally with performance and primarily for and with independent performance groups, project supported companies, and lesser established theatres. Often without permanent access to a stage or a venue.

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Venue specifications

The big studio:

The big studio is about 10 x 16 meters with 6 meters to the ceiling. Entrance to the studio is level-free through a wide doorway, which makes it easy to bring technical equipment or scenography. The basic lighting in the ceiling is complemented by pendant lamps with dimming, and there is the possibility of total blackout. There is an option of adding a dance floor. Air conditioning and ventilation systems ensure comfortable temperature and air quality. The studio is also ideal as a meeting room for larger meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and the like.

The small studio:

The small studio can be used as a rehearsal space for development workshops, script review, dance training and teaching or other performing arts activities. The studio is also ideal as a meeting room for larger meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and the like. It is important to note that the small studio is located on the 1st floor of the building and access is via spiral staircase. There is no elevator.

The Pit:

The Pit is our smallest studio and can be used as a rehearsal space for early development and smaller scale production work. There is basic studio lighting, but no windows.


You can read more about our spaces here.


The entire ground floor has step-free access, including the big room. We have an accessible toilet with support bars and extra seat, and a shower. There is no elevator to the 1st floor.

The big studio

The small studio

The Pit

Proces image from MYKAs The Rainbow

<p>The big studio</p>
<p>The small studio</p>
<p>The Pit</p>
<p><span>Proces image from MYKAs </span><em>The Rainbow</em></p>

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