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Funded by The Creative Europe Programme, the 3-year residency programme titled Moving Identities creates a more sustainable, diverse and including platform for European Identities in the performing arts.

Photo by Peter Fiebig. Credit: JENNIFER FOR A DAY.

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The programme is created with support from Creative Europe by venues from Hammerfest, Copenhagen, Narva, Dresden, Hasselt, and Barcelona. We offer a European network of residencies and experts who wish to open a new world for artists to play within. The focus is European identities today, and the dream is to connect with artists, venues, and experts across borders in an eco-friendly way.

In between and during residencies, we offer mentorship from our expert partners in topics of diversity, LGBTQIA+ representation, sustainability, and touring, and we will help you develop your career internationally.

To increase representation in the performing arts, we connect venues across Europe who support artist development and their development of international networks. We enable an exchange of best practice, challenges, and solutions, amongst artists and organisations across Europe. The consortium is built by organisations who specialise in residencies, mentoring and artist support. We aim to use our experience to together find a more inclusive way of supporting artist development.

The main goals of Moving Identity are:

  1. Developing and promoting the diversity of the performing arts across Europe
  2. Exchanging different European cultures, perspectives, and creative traditions
  3. Supporting artists’ career progressions across Europe
  4. Exploring and sharing sustainable artist mobility tools and greening of the performing arts

The Moving Identities residency programme is co-funded by Creative Europe and runs from March 2023 – October 2026.

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