Thibault Condy (BE)

Lighting designer, KAIHO

Thibault Condy has devoted himself for more than 15 years exclusively to the work of light(ing), in all its forms, in a cross path between cinema and live performance. First trained in the performing arts at the University of Mirail de Toulouse, as part of the III license directed by Arnaud Rykner, then in cinema imagery at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium where he presented a research dissertation entitled “Improvised Cinema Filming:, he then continued his career as a director of photography / cinematographer and stage performance lighting designer, constantly seeking to feed one with the other. He has since collaborated with À Nos Fantômes by Cie Menteuses, Valhalla by Cie PetriDish, Mousse by Cie Scratch, Lions by Cie Poivre Rose, All The Fun and How To Welcome the Aliens by Cie EaEo, LOOP by Cie Stoptoï and ECHO of the company Le Geste qui Sauve. He is currently working in the creation of Drache Nationale by Cie Scratch, Plonger by Cie Meneuses, and Talweg by PetriDish.

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