Brandon Lagaert (BE)

Artistic director, KAIHO

Brandon Lagaert has mainly crafted his signature style while working for the internationally renowned dance-theatre company Peeping Tom as a multidisciplinary performer in the pieces ‘Vader’, ‘Moeder’, ‘Kind’, ‘Dido & Aeneas’ and ‘La Visita’. Touring with the company worldwide for a decade he was an integral part and known for his surreal mixture between text and movement. Lagaert combines elements coming from different disciplines such as urban / contemporary dance, theatre / film into a unique style. He does this under the name of his company KAIHO of which the award-winning performances ‘Subdued’ and ‘Doggy Rugburn’ have been an integral part. Since 2023 on he has been focussing heavily on building out his company through various collaborations: A site specific creation called “Abandoned Minds” with Rui Paixāo and a new touring performance for dance company Equilibrio Dinamico called “Welcome to my funeral”.

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